The Nine Planets

From site:  The Nine Planets is a collection of information about our Solar System intended for a general audience with little technical background. No special expertise or knowledge is needed; all technical and astronomical terms and proper names are defined in the glossary. The bulk of this material should be familiar to planetary scientists and astronomers but they may find a few interesting tidbits, too.

This site consists of about 100 pages, one page for each major body in the Solar System. Each page has:

  • a large picture of its object and usually several smaller thumbnail images (all linked to their full-size originals)
  • some scientific and historical facts about it,
    satellites then its page has a table of data on them and links to their pages,
  • links to more images and information about the object elsewhere on the Web, and
  • a list of open issues for which we as yet have no answers.

To truly justify the title of “Multimedia Tour”, I’ve also included:

  • short sound clips from Holst’s The Planets (about 10 seconds or 180k each) for seven of the planets;
  • sound clips of my mellifluous voice pronouncing some of the more unusual names;
  • links to “movies” of a few objects.

There are also a few miscellaneous pages: on planetary science spacecraft, the glossary, a list of some of the planetary images available elsewhere on the Net, some bits of history, several pages of data and a special plea for your support of the space program.

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